Faith and Knowledge guide our actions



We are committed to the uplifting and nurturing of our youth by helping them in the areas of increasing knowledge, strengthening their faith, developing positive self esteem and building a noble character.



We strive to impart Islamic education and instill Islamic values to prepare students for meaningful participation in their own community and larger society.


A Brief History

Bait ul Ilm Sunday School was formally organized in the fall of 2003 under the Leadership of Maulana Sheikh Amir Mukhtar Faezi. Regular Sunday Classes were held at Barbara Rose Elementary School in Barrington for first year. We started with 52 Students and 15 volunteer teaching staff. The following year we held classes at Streamwood High School and moved into the present facility the same year. All along the way experiencing healthy growth in enrollment to the present day total enrollment of nearly 200 children from 100 families.


Bait ul Ilm Sunday School Today

We impart Islamic education and instill Islamic Values in our children. We serve nearly 200 children between the ages of 2-1/2 to 18 years from roughly 100 Families. Our students comprise of broad and diverse cross section of people from greater Chicago area that includes multiple ethnicities.

We promote in-depth understanding of Islam and engage in confidence building activities for the benefit of our children. We operate with extensive parental involvement and promote Parent/Teacher/Student partnership for the benefit of our children. All our teaching and administrative staff is parent/volunteer. All parents and students regularly volunteer to set up and dismantle classrooms/serve lunches and cleanup at the end of the day.



We currently benefit from service of 27 Volunteer teachers including 4 Bait ul Ilm graduates.

8 Substitute Teachers. We are fortunate to have highly qualified teacher/volunteers among our teaching staff that includes.

Two Alims.

Six with Doctorate level education.

Five with Masters and the rest with College Degrees.

Adult Sessions are conducted by Maulana Sheikh Amir Mukhtar Faezi and Maulana Syed Abidi every Sunday.

Our 15 to 18 years olds directly benefit from Maulana Syed Abidi’s classroom instruction.

We benefit from Volunteer efforts of our Principal, Vice Principal and two administrators


Sunday School Academic Year

Our School year starts form 3rd week of August and ends in first week of June. School is in session for 36 Sundays after accounting for Sundays off during religious Holidays and long weekends.

We are closed during summer months as most of the families plan out of town and overseas trips during summer. Regular Sunday School timings are 10:00 a.m. to 01:30 p.m. and during Ramadan timing are adjusted for School to commence 2 hrs before Maghrib.


We currently hold Islamic History and Fiqh Classes for students of all ages as well as twelve levels of Quranic studies sessions to offer assistance at every proficiency level.

We hold play and learn toddler classes for 2 ½ to 3 ½ year olds preparing them for a smoother transition into Sunday School regular program.


Other Knowledge, Confidence and Coummunity Spirit Building Activities

  • Imam Ja’far al Sadiq (AS) Science Fair every year.
  • Two to three projects on topics of Islamic importance are very popular.
  • Internet safety seminars for adults and children.
  • Essay writing contest.
  • Field Trips.
  • Science & industry museums,
  • Great America.
  • Annual Food Drive for needy.
  • Annual Picnic.
  • Early adulthood classes for boys and girls.


Student Pride and Ownership

  • Bait Ul Ilm student graduates are actively volunteering as teachers and teacher’s assistants.

  • Student volunteers regularly step forward and help in variety of roles at Bait Ul Ilm.

    Sunday School Contact Information  
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