Monday, June 26, 2017

Assalam alaykum


The approach of Eid is a special time for Muslims, as we pray to Allah to accept our prayers and good deeds, and we prepare to celebrate Eid with our families, friends, and community.

A final announcement about Eid day will be made on Saturday night by 10 pm and posted on our website at The following information is provided for the community's convenience:

Based on astronomical data, a local sighting of the crescent in Chicago and areas on the same visibility curve will almost certainly not be possible on Saturday night. Therefore, according to the ruling of the respected jurists Sayyid Sistani, Shaykh Makarem Shirazi, and Sayyid Khamenei, Monday, June 26, 2017 will most likely be Eid.

Some jurists accept a sighting from other parts of the world even if the crescent is astronomically not visible in one's own city. In this view, Eid may fall on Sunday.

Regardless of taqlid, we request all community members to join the community Eid prayers on Monday.


Baitul Ilm