Islamic Mission and Mosque Incorporated, DBA Baitul Ilm Academy is a not for profit 501C (3) Charitable Organization with both Federal and State Tax exemption. Baitul Ilm Community is made up of over 200 Shia Muslim Families who originally migrated to US from South East Asia, East Africa, Middle East and local Americans who have embraced Islam.


Baitul Ilm began its activities in 2003 conducting services in rental facilities in Western and NW Suburbs of greater Chicago. Within two years the community galvanized to purchase a 13,800 SF facility situated on a 4 acre parcel of land. This facility, built 14 years ago, served as a professional funeral home.


  • A vibrant family Sunday School for children and adults
  • Daily morning and evening prayers in congregation
  • Weekly special services on Thursday and Friday
  • Forums for Inter and Intra Faith dialogue
  • Educational Seminars during summer, winter and spring school breaks
  • Annual blood drive
  • Annual food drive
  • Hosting important family services including Weddings, Aqiqah and Family Counseling
  • Funeral and Memorial services.


  • Ahl al-Bait seminary: fulltime higher Islamic education for Howza studies
  • After school Programs including coaching, assisting children with their homework and Qur’an learning classes on a daily basis
  • Full time regular school
  • Translation of important Islamic literature and educational materials


The existing building was of course not designed according to our needs. We felt a need to build a purpose built building for worshipping, educational, social and cultural activities.

The new building has many features which makes it multipurpose and extremely useful for diverse needs of the entire community in the area. Some features are as follows:

  • A formal Masjid
  • Full time school
  • Library and computer lab
  • Multipurpose hall for banquet and conferences
  • Offices and meeting rooms
  • Gift shop and book store

To view pictures of the building, click here


Baitul Ilm is a prestigious and graceful representation of followers of Ahlul-bait (A.S) in this part of the country. Your generous support will further enhance and advance the cause of our community to new heights insha’Allah and in result you will have a successful partner for your local institution by the name of Baitul Ilm in Chicago.


Kindly make your checks payable to

485 S. Bartlett Road, Streamwood, IL 60107

All donations are tax deductable

For more information
1-(630) 669-6343