Baitul Ilm Services

Baitul Ilm provides the following services to the community:


  • Sunday Islamic School (for Children and Adults)
  • Arabic Classes (for Children and Adults)
  • Summer and Winter Intensive Courses (for Children and Adults)
  • Hajj and Ziyarat orientation

Congregational Prayers

  • Daily Maghrib and 'Isha Congregational Prayers
  • Friday Prayers
  • Thursday Night Special Program (Du'a Kumayl, Lecture and Ziyarat al-Warith)
  • Eid Prayers

Annual Programs / Events

  • Azadari during Muharram and Safar
  • Year Round Observance of All Religious Events
  • Daily Ramadan Services

Conferences / Seminars

  • Interfaith Conference
  • Intrafaith Conference
  • Year round Educational and Professional Seminars

Family and Community Services

  • Community Open Forum
  • Community Picnic and Camping
  • Religious Counseling
  • Eid and Mina Bazar
  • Excuse Letters (for School, Work and Government)
  • Banquet Hall Facility
  • Islamic Marriage and Divorce
  • Islamic Burial and Memorial Service


Our Services


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